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Summer Camps

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of camps that no other clubs in the country offer.  We ensure that our summer calendar is packed with camps that target all kids from athletes to the creative minded.  Check out our extensive camp selection below!

Cheer Camp -$50++(includes t-shirt)

June 7th, June 14th, June 19th, and June 20th, 6:30-7:30pm


Champions Run Cheer Camp teaches young athletes the essential skills to lead the crowd and support the home team. Champions Run Cheer Camp will teach each camper cheers, proper hand and body movements as well as jumping techniques. There is no stunting, but there is a big focus on fun while each cheerleader learns important life skills such as team building and leadership. The week concludes with a choreographed performance at our June 20th home swim meet.                               

-Camp will be instructed by members of the Marian Cheer and Dance Team                           

-Ages 6-10 years old (6 year olds must have some knowledge of dance)                                 

-Limited Spots Available. 

Triathlon Camp $39++ Per Child

May 14th, 17th, 20th and May 21st  (Race Day) 6:00-7:00pm


Learn the basics of a Triathlon at Champions Run Tri Camp.  We will be biking, swimming and running around the property.  Kids will learn basics in each area as well as transitioning between each activity.  Kids will need to bring goggles, swim suits, running shoes, and a bike to camp each week.  Camp will be instructed by triathletes and will conclude with a final race around Champions Run.

Photography Camp

Tuesdays in June (5th,12th,19th,26th) 6:00-7:00pm $100++ Per Child

Calling all artistic types!  Learn the basics of photography, lighting, and more at Champions Run photography camp.  In this photography camp, you will capture shots, use big-name software and hardware, build your portfolio, and learn from passionate, experienced instructors. The camper will have the opportunity to explore their own photographic vision and create a portfolio of original photographs.  The camper will learn and experiment with a variety of photographic process, techniques and styles.  We will be using digital cameras and inkjet printing. The camp is suitable for beginners to more advanced students aged 8-14 yrs old. Each camper will be taught and challenged based on their own individual abilities and skill level. Photography Camp will be led by a professional photographer. The Art Exhibit Night will be Thursday June 28th at 6pm.

Art Camp

Thursdays in July (5th, 12th,19th,and 26th) 

6:00-7:00pm $75++ Per Child

Bring balance to your child's summer activities by exercising their creative and artistic abilities.
Summer Art Camp offers an exploration of art projects.  Our goal is to complete projects that will produce personal satisfaction within your child through creative expression.

The children will be working with a variety of mediums.

Camp Projects will include:

  • Painting (Canvas Painting)

  • Tie Die Design (Tie Die your own t-shirt to make a fun colorful shirt! Shirt is included)

  • Mosaic Madness (A creative class where mosaic chips and gems are applied to a photo frame or fun shaped plaque.)

  • Showcase Piece (Class will be designing and painting a large display piece for the sports complex)

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